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Introduction to the Himalayan Region

A basic understanding of the geography, natural history, politics, culture and religion of the Himalaya is helpful when trying to choose where and when to go. Once you have decided on a general area, researching the topography and weather of your specific destination will help you to be better prepared. On the trail, this background knowledge will further help you appreciate the countryside.

The Himalaya is the most significant mountain chain on earth. It features the highest summits in the world, divides continents and dramatically affects the earth's weather patterns. The name comes from the Sanskrit word hima (snow) and alaya (abode). The word Himalaya is often spoken and spelt as Himalayas. Himalaya is plural and the "s" at the end of the word is therefore incorrect.

Though interpretations of boundaries vary, in it's broadest sense the Himalaya stretches 2,500 km (1553 miles) across Asia, from west of the Indus river in the west to the Brahmaputra river in the south east. From south to north, the Himalaya varies in width from 160 km (99 miles) to 320 km (199 miles).

For much of its length, the crest of the Himalaya forms the border between China and Tibet to the north and Bhutan, Nepal, India and Pakistan to the south. The western end of the greater Himalaya particularly the Karokoram butts up against Xinjiang (Sinkiang) province in China. The remainder of the northern extent lies wholly within Tibet. The Himalaya is the reason for vast areas of desert in the north. Most of the windswept Tibetan Plateau is above 4500 m ( 14760 ft).

Travel Destinations

Nepal (Kingdom of Himalayas)

Destination Nepal The mountain Kingdom of Nepal is one of the most beautiful countries on earth. From the heights of Mt. Everest to the wildlife of Chitwan N. P., it is a land of variety, colour and simply breathtaking landscapes. Kathmandu it has been said has more temples than houses and more gods than people and is now a world heritage site, whilst the other towns of Patan and Bhaktapur are just as fascinating. Responsible Adventures has a vast choice of itineraries that visit Nepal, so if you want to walk in the shadow of the Annapurnas, Lantang or Everest, or simply explore the famous temples of Bodnath, Swayambunath or Pashupatinath, there is a holiday to suit you.

Tibet (Kingdom of Himalayas)

Destination Nepal Upon the Tibetan Plateau, the gateway to infinity swings wide. Life is a pilgrimage, and the rigors and breathtaking beauty of the land enable the people to answer their sacred calling with the purifying combination of courage and awe. Fall in step with those circumambulating the Jokhang, devotional nexis of Lhasa, or Mount Kailash, the Buddhist and Hindu center of the universe. Perhaps you would prefer to skip the beaten path and ponder your own personal benediction as you trek through the wilderness ...

Bhutan (Kingdom of Himalayas)

Destination Nepal Hidden in the eastern Himalayas between India and Tibet, this tiny Kingdom, practically unknown to the outside world, presents a most fascinating yet an untouched natural beauty, unique culture and ancient tradition. Bhutan is truly Shangri-La, a mythical country hidden deep in the mountains. Centuries long isolated, inaccessible and forbidden, this Himalayan Kingdom cautiously opens its border to the curious visitors. Responsible Adventures - a leading tour operator, with their associate in Bhutan makes your dream come true.

India (Kingdom of Himalayas)

Destination Nepal Noise, people, deserts, teeming markets, the Taj Mahal, tigers, mountains and a dazzling coastline are some of the many facets that make up the vast country of Indian. Travel in India is always an unforgettable experience, not always for the right reasons, but the rewards are huge: dawn at the Taj in Agra, viewing tigers from elephants in Bandhavgarh, the backwaters of Kerala the magnificent mountains in Himachal Pradesh or Ladakh and of course the food. For many India can be intimidating, with one billion people ...