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Nepal Activity holidays are proud to offer the trip of a lifetime to this scenic area of the Himalayas where nature is king. We offer tailor-made trips which include scenic mountain treks, white water rafting, mountain biking and elephant back safaris in some of Nepal's best national parks.

Our previous clients tell us their adventure holiday in Nepal is a thrilling experience of a lifetime. We know that when you travel with Responsible Adventures, you will agree.

Trekking Holidays in the Himalayas

Nepal offers the ultimate hiking and trekking holidays in the highest mountains in the world – the Himalayas. Cradled between India to the south and Tibet to the North, Nepal lies on the southern slopes of the Himalayas, and is without exception, the most stunning country imaginable. With an amazing variety of ethnic groups and cultures, landscapes which change from tropical jungle to high glacial peaks within just 150 km, it is easy to see why travellers and adventurers have always been drawn to this Himalayan Kingdom.

With our knowledgeable trekking leaders, trekking chefs and logistical planning all you need to do is get here!......... Trekking Packages

Family Adventure Vacation

Our Family Adventures have been designed especially for families with children which is the perfect way to introduce your kids to the joys of the Himalaya. The young travellers will learn to enjoy discovering the world through our guided Himalayan adventures, exotic wildlife viewing, cultural exploration and more. Daily activities are varied and tiring travel is kept to a minimum, with added features catered to the entire family.

Expert Local leaders accompany each step of your way to ensure amusing encounters and to reveal intricacies of the cultures of Himalaya. Accommodations are welcoming and child-friendly. All the trips featured in this category are evenly paced, so that your family can enjoy a well balanced combination of relaxation and adventure....... Family Holidays

Mountain Biking in the Himalayan Mountains.

Nepal is the world's number one adventure playground for mountain bikers. From the flatlands of the Terai to the terraced hillside farms, the vertical landscape soars towards the snow clad peaks of the Himalayas, inviting you to share the adventure of this awesome landscape. The tropical lush vegetation is a rich contrast against the stark, arctic regions where winds have swept, sculpting amazing forms on arid valleys of the Tibetan plateau. Discover yourself in one of the world's last great wildernesses by joining us on an exhilarating and memorable biking adventure holiday in the Himalayas.

With a diversity of terrain and a varied climate, Responsible Adventures offers scenic rides to suit all ages and fitness levels, from the tropical plains of Terai to the more challenging Trans-Himalayan zones in the relatively dry rain shadow of these magnificent mountains.

Mountain biking is a tremendous way to see the exotic sights of our kingdom including the ancient routes of the Trans-Himalayan traders and the rural village life of Nepal. Enjoy the timeless culture and rich flora and fauna of our heritage as you explore the wonders of the Kathmandu Valley, the monuments and the local temples. Alternatively, pedal at your own pace along hidden trails to rarely visited rural villages where you will see the warm smiles of locals living the preserved, traditional and simple rural life that is the essence of Nepal ......... Mountain Bike Tours

White-water Rafting in Nepal

Nepal's thundering waters, coming from the glaciers of the mighty Himalayas, provide unmatched thrills for rafting and riding at the mercy of nature. A rafting trip is bound to be the highlight of your trekking vacation in Nepal.

Rivers are graded on a scale of one to six. Four is considered to be quite challenging without being exceedingly dangerous to the novice rafter. Five requires some previous river experience. Take a three day trip or longer on this adrenalin-pumping adventure of a lifetime knowing you are in the safe hands of Responsible Adventures' qualified staff.

Nepal has many rivers to explore from the warm waters and cataracts of the Sun Koshi to the Karnali, Nepal's mightiest and most pristine river. On these rivers you will find the world's most thrilling white-water with a range of difficulties, warm water and bug free beaches for camping. All this offers a wealth of unlimited opportunities for great river rafting, kayaking, climbing, mountaineering, biking, hiking and trekking adventures in Nepal. Responsible Adventures has something to offer everyone and we are proud to share our wonderful country, culture and our many years of experience with you. ......... Himalayan Rafting Trips

Custom-Made Holidays in Nepal

We have the local knowledge and experienced staff to offer tailor-made holidays in Nepal for:

  • Individuals
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Schools
  • Corporate Institutions

Put together your own wish list and we will make it happen. It is the perfect way to introduce children to other cultures and the wonders of the Himalayas or to bond as a team. Locally born guides point out exotic wildlife, explain cultural traditions and recount amusing anecdotes arranging daily activities without over-tiring youngsters. We choose welcoming, good quality accommodation which is acceptable to western visitors.......... Custom Made Vacation

Paragliding Nepal

Get a bird's eye view of this incredible landscape with an optional paragliding experience. Soar over mountain slopes, mighty rivers, hidden villages and tropical jungle in this adrenalin-pumping extreme sport......... Himalayan Paragliding Trips